We aim to accelerate the adoption of clean transport by creating a freely accessible database containing all information about electric vehicles. Electric cars will one day become the norm, but there remain many misunderstandings and myths surrounding electric vehicles. The goal of evehiclesdb is to collect all the real data as much as possible.

The evehiclesdb contains information about various vehicles. The site is completely independent: it is not funded or subsidized in any way. Income is currently generated only by placing as few ads as possible to cover running costs. If you use Adblocker and like what we do, please consider whitelisting evehiclesdb.

We do not collect any user data and only track basic anonymous user behavior to improve the database.
The goal of evehiclesdb is to collect as much real data as possible. A lot of information in the automotive industry is often based on lab data, so it may not be practical. To avoid misunderstandings, this site will present official data plus real data.

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