rivian electric car news
First Solar-Powered EV Chargers Opened By Rivian In Tennessee

One megawatt of nearby solar energy powers the Paris, Tennessee Waypoints chargers.First Solar-Powered EV Chargers Opened By Rivian In Tennessee In the small Tennessee hamlet of Paris, the American EV manufacturer’s first solar-powered electric vehicle chargers have been turned on by Rivian and solar business Clearloop. The city, which features a 70-foot replica of the […]

Honda and GS Yuasa will collaborate on electric car batteries
Honda and GS Yuasa will collaborate on electric car batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries for hybrid hybrids are already a focus of the two firms’ collaboration. According to a joint statement from Honda and GS Yuasa, “a basic agreement” has been reached on the development of lithium-ion batteries with “high-capacity, high-output” for use in electric vehicles. The two companies now plan to talk about the specifics with […]

2024 polestar 2 news
2024 Polestar 2 Receives A RWD Variant, Increased power, And Range

A SmartZone front grille panel inspired by the Polestar 3 housing the front-facing camera and mid-range radar. Significant improvements have been made to the 2024 Polestar 2 electric fastback, including increased power, performance, and range. The Tesla Model 3 competitor now has all-new electric motors, a more powerful battery, and sustainability enhancements. It also receives […]

Arcimoto unveiled a three-wheeled, unmanned shuttle for last-mile delivery.

Arcimoto has teamed up with Faction Technology, a Silicon Valley-based unmanned technology startup, to turn its three-wheeled electric FUV (Fun Utility Vehicle) into an autonomous last-mile delivery shuttle. The cargo version, called the “D1,” comes after Arcimoto’s unmanned prototype was unveiled last year and remotely operated by operators, which developers say will be the next […]

Huawei AITO M5 electric car news
Huawei joins Apple in its quest to conquer the electric car sector: launches Aito M5

The global decarbonization process has opened a window for sustainable investments. The electric vehicle industry is one of the many innovative projects attracting the attention of capital. Big companies are looking for opportunities in this sector. Major economic blocks are abandoning internal combustion engines to make way for electric motors.Apple recently announced its intention to […]