Mini Cooper SE exterior news

Starting in 2022, it will become much easier to charge an electric car in the U.K. New homes and other types of buildings will have to install charging points for electric cars, as well as those undergoing major renovations. This will be an additional way for the U.K. government to encourage more people to buy electric cars. To accelerate the transition away from gasoline and diesel cars by 2030, the U.K. government expects the move to create 145,000 new charging points per year. To make it easier to charge any gas- or diesel-powered vehicle, businesses and non-residential buildings with 10 or more parking spaces undergoing major renovations will also be required to install chargers. This is another part of the current U.K. government’s strategy to reduce emissions. But it’s just around the corner. And when it does, there will be an orderly transition from the current 100-watt devices to the new ones.

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